CTR Strategic Learning provide leadership, management, safety and first aid training

CTR Learning have been supporting learners and developing professional leadership, development, safety and first aid programs for over 10 years, as a company we continue to strive to be a leading skills training provider in areas such as leadership, management, development, safety and e-learning. We provide advice, career management and training courses to individuals looking to enhance their employability and career options through to organisations looking to develop their staff.

About our Leadership & Management Training

Leadership and management is a vital aspect of professional development, regardless of the industry. The military are at the forefront of leadership and management and this is why our company is made up of management and instructors from varying military backgrounds and also the civilian sector. The same personnel have also gained valuable commercial experience from managing business through to leadership and mentoring.

In order to quantify our position as a leading training provider, we have partnered with the UK’s leading awarding bodies.

This allows us unparalleled accreditation, which in turn provides our students with peace of mind that they are receiving the highest levels of certification.

We are also experienced in providing sskills development and profile assessments which ultimately provides powerful insight into a persons style whilst also exploring their strengths and weaknesses, this level of insight can be very valuable to a business or organisation.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive training on the market, and content that is specific to your goals and personal development then look no further.

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