career development

Career Development


For those that are looking to boost their career or enhance their personal development, then there are many areas in which to do this. It is not just about gaining qualifications, we should all have a career development plan in place whereby we are able to see where we are going or where we want to be, and furthermore how we actually plan to get there.

Although having a plan is the best way to reach your goals, not all of us actually sit down and do it. Whether this is due to time commitments, lack of interest or just not knowing where to start, many people don’t have a personal development plan in place. Some if not most organisations may have something in place for their staff which they review each year through staff appraisals although these may just be slim lined in some way.

It is good practice for each of us to sit down and write down what we want to achieve and how to get there with a career development plan, and this should be done in both our personal lives and our work lives. Having a goal or target to reach helps us structure our work lives and identifies which courses will help us to reach that goal. It can be as in depth as you want to make it although should not be confusing and should also be achievable.

CTR Learning are much more than just a training provider, we want to help our students understand their journey and help them reach each destination along that journey. We listen to our learners and advise on potential career routes and which courses and level of training they may need to complete, and this does not mean courses that we run as we ensure that we are unbiased when assisting students or persons requiring assistance.

If you are left wondering about your future or how you can progress within your career then feel free to get in touch with us, everyone should have the chance to progress and we will help you to do that.