distance learning

Distance Learning

How does distance learning compare to classroom based learning?

Are there any benefits to home based learning?

Will I miss out on anyhing compared to studying in a classroom?

These are just some of the questions we are asked by prospective learners, and each question is very relevant and justified. There is no easy way to dictate the pro’s and con’s of either, although we will point out some facts about distance learning compared to classroom learning.

Every course is different, some are more theory related whereas some are more practical. Some courses are set at a higher level than some and hence are longer and involve much more content. We have skills courses, accredited courses, job based learning and so on.

So, how do we differentiate between courses and identify which are best suited to distance learning and which are best suited to classroom based learning? We can start by saying that not every course can be delivered effectively by distance learning and this must be made clear from the outset. Any course that requires some form of skill set or practical application should be based in a classroom environment where a trainer is able to demonstrate and explain the practical applications of each key phase, some may say that such courses can be done via e-learning or diagrams through distance learning but we disagree and they should be kept to the classroom or face to face.

Courses that are mainly theory based and content delivered, can be suited to home based learning and we believe that distance learning can be as effective as classroom based learning (in some instances) for these such courses. Distance learning through CTR Learning provides the learner with the full help and support they expect when they enrol, this is in the form of an initial induction day on some courses which helps prepare the learner for the course and the requirements, it also introduces the learner to their tutor for which they will have full email and telephone support throughout the duration.

Every course includes an in depth course folder which provides the student with all the information and educational notes that they need, the learner will also receive course study books dependant on the course they have enrolled in.

Benefits of Distance Learning

The benefits of distance learning are many, although the main points would be:

– Cost effective in that courses are reduced and no need for travel/accommodation
– Study in own time and at own speed
– Easy to access
– Unlimited support throughout the course

Benefits of Classroom Learning

The benefits of classroom based learning are:

– Enhanced contact with tutor to gauge their delivery of content
– Networking with other students
– Immediate responses to queries, although distance learning tutors are always available

So, if you stuggle to get time off work or away from your family then distance learning may be best for you. Speak to one of our advisors for more information.