First Aid Training

First aid training could be the difference between helping someone through a difficult medical emergency and potentially saving their life, and that is not an exaggeration.

Over the years organisations have been required to have some form of internal first aid cover and this would normally consist of a nominated and trained person or persons on site and the relevant first aid equipment in place such as mediacl kits and more recently defibrillators.

There is also a need for organisations to ensure that they choose the correct staff to be first aid trained, and this means someone who is both capable of dealing with incidents and also who has a high level of interest in the subject. It is a pointless exercise forcing first aid on a member of staff who does not have a passion or liking for it as then end result in an emergency will be far less than is expected.

CTR learning have gained many years experience in delivering first aid and our instructors ensure that they motivate and educate the would be first aiders, thus ensuring that the skills and knowledge required of a competent first aider are passed on.

Whether you are a small or large organisation and whether you require basic first aid training or more advanced teachings, then CTR can assist and deliver this training to you. We also accomodate clients by offering the training at our own centre in Gorleston or Cardiff or from one of your locations via our mobile training team.

To learn more about how CTR Learning can assist you in terms of first aid training then please contact one of our staff members on 0333 370 4999.