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Are you looking for a new career or looking to enhance your current career route? You may want to expand your skillsand knowledge to put yourself in a better position for promotion? Whatever your current situation, CTR Strategic Learning are here to provide unbiased support and guidance.

We have provided career guidance, counselling and job hunting support for many clients whether as individuals or as part of an organisation. This also includes all levels of career levels from senior executives through to employees looking to enhance their career opportunities.

Our career guidance services provide a non biased assessment of current skills and experience, your aims and goals and how best to achieve them. The service begins with an informal discussion whereby we gather as much relevant information as possible, from here we are then able to piece together a Career Guidance Plan (CGP). Our experts have varying levels of experience covering many industries and so will be able to assist in the best route forward to achieve your goals. This service includes assessing internal organisation departments with a view of increasing work based productivity.

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