Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We understand that your staff are key to the success of your organisation, whether from a senior management position or a member of staff that is eligible for development  in an area that would promote business enabling. We have provided various levels of training to organisations allowing them to develop their internal culture and enhance their operational effectiveness, as opposed to just offering courses we are able to identify your specific aims and objectives and to then base the relevant level of training on these outcomes.

We can deliver corporate training in a variety of forms such as interactive e-learning or distance learning, centre based sessions and also via our mobile corporate training team who are able to hold the desired courses at a venue suitable to you. The three main areas of our corporate training are Conflict Resolution, First Aid and Safety related training as we have identified these areas as most beneficial to various organisations.

As an example of our capability, we have provided speciailist training to EE and T-Mobile staff in response to their specific requirement, the training included retail and engineer conflict management training. This level of training allowed our client’s to better prepare their staff for working roles and in turn reduced the number of incidents. Further communication and management courses were also outlined for future delivery.


Conflict Resolution

CTR Learning can provide Conflict Resolution and management training.

First Aid

Since the changes to First Aid training regulations on the 1st October 2015, the HSE no longer accredits any first aid training and this means training companies are responsible for the effective training of learners. In conjunction with our awarding body Industry Qualifications and other accreditations, we can provide varying levels of first aid training to individuals and organisations.

These include:

– First Aid at Work
– Emergency First Aid at Work
– CPR and AED training
– Anaphylaxis management training
– Oxygen therapy training

Safety Training

We understand that safety is a priority in any industry and this is why our range of health and safety courses have been designed to ensure employees, contractors and managers gain the most effective education in order to promote safe working environments in their daily work routines. The informative level of content and interactive learning allows the learner to absorb the information on the subject in a positive manner ensuring that on completion the learner understands how to identify the risks involved and how to reduce such risks. Each course has been designed by subject matter experts and the range of courses available means that most sectors or areas of the health and safety industry are catered for, this level of commitment enhances both the employee and the organisation as a whole, thus reducing risks within the workplace.