Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness Course

Working with asbestos can be highly dangerous and even cause death, this is why it so important to understand the risks associated with asbestos and how to reduce such risks.

Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work related deaths in the UK, for this reason this course was developed to help reduce the risk of asbestos related diseases within daily working routines. The asbestos awareness course will identify what and how asbestos can affect us and also detail the policies and procedures that must be in place. The course is interactive ensuring a high level of interest from learners and includes an end of course quiz whereby learners can confirm their understanding of the subject, all learners who successfully complete the course will also receive a certificate of completion which can be kept in their employee file. The course is designed to assist workers in recognising and dealing with asbestos.

Course Delivery

This asbestos awareness course is delivered via e-learning allowing learners to work through the modules in their own time, the Learning Management System (LMS) allows learners to pause and restart from where they left off. Each e-learning course is intereactive and written by industry leading experts.

Benefits of e-learning

The benefits of Health & Safety e-learning are:

– Train a large number of staff at reduced cost
– Easy to manage
– Reports and certificates emailed once the learner has completed their training
– Train staff in a number of different safety courses

Discounts available for bulk users:
– 10+ Users £25.00 per user
– 20+ Users £20.00 per user
– 50+ Users £12.00 per user
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E-Learning Course Cost:

£35.00 plus VAT

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