We all know that people are more on the move now and this has mainly been assisted by the changes in technology, no longer are we confined to four walls with more and more people conducting their business whilst on the move and at the same time still being connected to that world through technology. Even students can be found in the local Starbucks or Costa’s enjoying a fresh atmosphere but at the same studying on their laptops.

CTR Learning promote and support this way of life and that is why they are pioneers in next generation learning, making more and more of their courses available through e-learning and viewable from any device whether smart phone, tablet or laptop, this really is learning on the move and the phrase has been coined by them.

As technology advances and in particular the cloud, wifi and general internet then the restraints start to diminish allowing people from all walks of life to take their work and studies with them where ever they go, lighter laptops, faster data and

more freedom direct us towards this type of life. As a learner, there is nothing more refreshing than being able to learn in an environment of your choice, whether from home, in the park or as part of a journey. And the word journey is important as we want all our learners to join our journey and strive to be the best that they can be and this is helped by our flexible learning methods and relevant and leading courses written and designed by industry experts.

For organisations also, it reduces the pain and hassle of placing employees through mandatory training as the entire learning principal is made much more easier and encourages a learner to complete their course at any opportunity. This in turn reduces the workload of the hr or training department as they know that their employees are more likely to complete the training in good time.

Being at the forefront of e-learning, especially from a security perspective allows CTR Learning to lead by example and to ensure that each and every learner’s experience is the best that it can be and this also includes full support whether by telephone or email. Many students are now recognising the benefits of e-learning and distance learning and the fact that there is now little need to book time off work, lose money and have to travel half way round the country to attend a classroom based course.

Join the new culture of training and break free from the many restrictions and borders that conventional training has, allow yourself to learn on the go and gain the certification and recognition from leading courses and programs delivered by CTR Learning.